Titan finger install and weightlifting?

I am thinking about getting my titan installed in my left ring finger, but I have some concerns about weightlifting with it. I am especially concerned about the dead lift. Those of you that have titan or xG3 in their fingertip, and also lift weight, does it become a problem or annoyance? I think most of the barbells on my gym is aluminum, but I wonder if steel barbells (Or other equipment) is annoying to use if you finger “sticks” to it. I know that this is a very small magnet, but I wonder what peoples experiences with this is.

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I have a similar question but for rock climbing. I’m worried that if I get a Titan installed in a finger I wouldn’t be able to put the same kinds of pressure on that finger as I could before the install. Does anyone have some experience with this?

Both climbing and weightlifting have been discussed before see…


The second thread is probably a bit more useful.

As for me, I don’t think I would like a magnet in my hands simply because of all of the cast iron cookware I use.