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I’ve got good vision, really good close range if I ditch the glasses, but that wire I was winding was FINE.

It was only .0034 dia. and I wanted it as perfectly spaced as I could get it, on a 2mm core. Wire was dark green, on a black core too. Basically I did it by feel.


no idea… i got this from a lab closing sale… but i do know my favorite thing to do with it is actually press my face right up to it like i’m wearing it as a mask and work that way… it gives me stereoscopic magnification with a single lens! for things that need closer inspection, i switch up to my microscope.

Oh and one other benefit from working that way with it… I avoid breathing in soldering iron smoke!


I thought that was just me :sweat_smile: that was what led be to try the ones like linked above.


You see, stuff like this is why I shouldn’t check DT on my way home. I laughed so damned hard that I almost wrecked.


Me Too




This reminds me, there’s an error on the Vivokey website.

But I fixed it for you…



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Back on topic.

Been messing with the homebrew setup for about 5 hours now and finally got it working. Sort of. I’d say the lag between action and video is in the 3-4 second range. This is WITH the paid version of DroidCamX, using USB.

Using wireless was just about as bad. Neither is usuable.

Things they don’t tell you up front. You must enable USB Debugging, and must download phone specific USB drivers to the PC being used.

I’m tempted to Amazon a proper webcam. Supply is coronavirus borked though.
Might just ditch the PC and record to phone. A bit awkwardish, but given the workarounds necessary to use a PC, maybe not that bad.

Anyways, I’m done fooling with it for tonight.

P.S. The perspective from the arm is really nice, will make for good videos, just laggy.


i used to be into all this stuff a long time ago… i had something for my windows box that would turn an IP cam stream into a video for windows A/V source (like a webcam)… how does (or does) DroidCamX have something for this or does it just turn your phone into an IP cam and you have to figure the rest out? I mean… the first couple lines on play store talk about using DroidCamX to do twitch / skype / etc. with your phone - which I assume they meant on your laptop or desktop… not just using the apps already on the mobile…

I really hate answering questions that I don’t have a firm grip on. Especially to someone who knows what they’re talking about. It’s kind of the better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it, concept. Go easy on me.

It can be operated as an IP camera.

It can also be operated using a connection setup from the phone app to a dedicated program on the PC that causes it to act as a standard webcam.

So… Dual Mode, me thinks.

Tried to see if I could get a threaded attachment going for the arm, and succeeded in breaking it. I can fix, but it’ll be just as easy to finangle a 1/4-20 bolt in there. With that in mind, I went webcam shopping.

So. Much. Junk.

Have not found anything useable yet. Also looks like an industry move away from the 1/4-20 mount in the cheaper webcams.

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Anybody feel like recommending a webcam?

USB connection.
Built in Mic.
Threaded mounting hole.
Autofocus with capability of being used in very short distances.

Wide angle is not needed.

Also, needs to be budget concious. Not necessarily cheap, just can’t break the bank right now. I dumped all my spare cash into a super nice multimeter, then two days later the tranny in my truck just up and quit.

You wouldn’t happen to have a DSLR* or Camcorder by any chance would you? Because even if it isn’t one that can act as a webcam directly a capture card should let you use that assuming it has video out.

* Anyone know the name for that style of camera, with interchangeable lenses etc? DSLR doesn’t really work as they have mirrorless ones too.

The issue with these types of cameras is unless you have one that specifically states it can be used for extended video recordings etc (At least on Canon DSLR’s you’re looking at $$$$) they’ll shut off after 5 mins or so as a protective measure, otherwise it can damage the sensor and/or overheat.

@ODaily - my experience with Logitech C910, C920, C925 and C930e have all been positive. Except the C930e lacks proper software. If you’re using OBS or something to record, you can bring up the webcam settings that way. They have mounting holes on the bottom too. Can probably find one 2nd hand for cheap?

If you find the focus isn’t close/far enough, you can carefully manually adjust the lens. Some tutorials on youtube for doing that.