xG3 Axial Magnet Finger Placement

So I’ve tried searching and tried figuring this out on my own.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the injectable xG3 in their index fingers or thumbs. Small hands so there isn’t a lot of real estate to work with in my index finger but it would be very ideal for me since I deal with tiny, tiny screws on a daily basis and its utility would be fantastic in addition to the novelty.

I know this is less than ideal placement given the size but interested in hearing any takes on if its worth trying to place it to the right of my left index finger off of the finger pad. I’m also considering the inside left of my left thumb since that would give the implant more distance from the bone and a larger space to work with. Anyone else doing stuff with tiny electronics screws and the like have any input?

Fingertip installs have been done before with varying success, here’s some examples:

BUT! There’s been some recent concerns about the Axial version of the xG3, so you may want to read this thread first:


There’s been a few installs in fingers BUT, fingers are very innervated and a large needle like the ones used for the xG3 are very likely to hit the branchial nerves running through the finger. I would recommend against doing that and would look into Haworth magnets. They use silicone as a coating and need scalpel work but with a skilled installer you’re lowering your chance of permanent injury by A LOT. If you can get your hands on a Titan that would be even better as they have an even lower chance of a coating failure compared to pretty much all other biomagnets.


Woah, I did not see that Safety Advisory. This one might need to go back as I’m not sure I’m okay with the risk in addition to the already risky placement. I was on the fence about the v1 vs the v2 but this might be my sign that I should have gone with the V2. Thank you for the other two posts, lots of good info in those.


I remember seeing a few anecdotal issues where silicone wasn’t the ideal encapsulation method but given its frequent use in medical implants, I wasn’t sure how significant an issue it was. I’d love to get my hands on a Titan but also liked the idea of a no scalpel or stitches installation. Do you believe silicone to be a fine/okay coating for a magnet?

If you’d like to send it back for a v2 replacement, reply to your order confirmation email asking for an exchange and we’ll get it handled.

There are several issues with silicone used in this way to encapsulate. It’s fine as a breast implant or body modification horn or subdermal shape… But as an encapsulation method for a magnet, there are issues.

In this video I cover some of the issues with different encapsulation types. Of course this will be for we came out with the xG3, but the content is still relevant.


Right now they’re out of stock and not being produced until a better supplier is fond or DT get the equipment to make them in the lab :smiling_face_with_tear: