xG3 injection locations

So I’ve been wanting a sensing magnet for quite awhile now, but have been unable to due to working with very large neodymium magnets daily. I’m now looking to switch careers and would finally be able to get a magnet, so I’m doing my due diligence in the meantime. I have a few implants in my hands and those were very simple, but I would like to inject the magnet into my fingertip to get the most out of the nerve endings there. Has anyone done this with the injectables? I know it was fairly common with the old style that needed to be installed through a scalpel incision. If anyone has successfully injected into the fingertip, please let me know the procedure and how it went. Thanks!

this will give you a start in the right direction

Also, this eBook may have some info you may be interested in

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Look on my thing u will see few things I was going to do it but. Changed ideas Can I implant xg3 magnet in my finger - #8 by LordSethos2000