xSeries vs a Microwave

What happens if you put an RFID implant in a microwave oven?

Brb got to try that

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Unlikely to continue functioning

Yeah but…


Do me a favour and test the temperature of the implant, please.

Unbelievably I have no thermometer, I’ll do a touch test after 5, 10, 30 seconds etc

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So I did a test at 5, 15, 30 and 60. Took maybe 5-10 seconds between runs to pick it up and test on my phone. Plesently walm at 30sec and 60sec. Worked without issue after each test. I’d do longer but it’s so small that I don’t think it’s absorbing much of the microwaves and I don’t want to damage the microwave essentially running it empty.

@amal this may interest you… For the testing done post. It was just a HF xFD but if that got nothing more than mild warning after almost 2 minutes in a microwave…


There was no sparking?

Nope, no reaction at all. I doubt there is anything for it to arc to, it’s a fully contained circuit. Same way I can put a metal bowl in there as long as it’s never near the edge.
I would have gotten video but can’t through my microwave door :frowning:

Put your phone in the microwave to record it…duhhh :wink:


Charges it at the same time I hear.


Maybe worth noting that when I worked at the University i had an accident, I had a nasty RF (120GHz) burn right over the top of my 125KHz chip that still works. I would be unable to say if there was any sparking or heat build up but as stated it still works…


Haha that’s where that warning about messing with HF RF circuits came from…


oh yes, someone (an academic who should have known better) left an experiment running unwatched and without note. Needless to say they got into significant trouble.


Fuck that’s awesome. I’m filming this and adding this to the testing page!


I looked like you using your magnifier watching it :rofl:

image referenced

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I used an X Field Detector and it still worked fine afterwards. A few minutes later when I tried to put it back in it’s capsule the lower quality glass in the field detector broke. I doubt the actual implants would do that, though. There’s no metal in their glass.


dunno… never tested it… but might be heat from iron rod … the end without any insulating resin is the one that broke so maybe heat from the rod had something to do with it… dunno…


Anecdotally: I dropped it from torso height onto tile after the microwaving (because I am clumsy) it was fine. It bounced a bit but no damage.

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Ignoring the lunacy.

I’m kinda impressed here. ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENCE INTENDED. It’s interesting to see a group of technically minded people apply their immense talents in the manner of 8 year olds.

Let’s break it!
Stomp on it!
That didn’t work.
Get a brick!!!
No, get a rock, the BIG rock!!!

I’m a firm believer that this level of thought / work process actually produces the greatest gains in the shortest time frame. Seriously, Kudos.