xSIID has been released!



Imagine the awesomeness of an XLED AND an SIID



I may have missed the memo. What color is the brightest one ? I was going to order but well i want bright bright

Yep, you did here is the MEMO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not a direct answer for you, but @Satur9 posted [this] in the xLED thread and it has some info for you,EDIT But nothing at all to do with SIID or LEDs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For what its worth, I would have assumed brightness on either
ROYGBIV or Colour LED voltage which is similar.
Guess there is a dash of electrical alchemy and a pinch of magic smoke and mirrors at work



sounds like green is brightest, then blue second brightest.

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The information I posted in the xLED thread related to the xGLO implant, and the luminous intensity of certain phospors when they’re bombarded with beta radiation. LEDs through the skin have slightly different mechanics.

The Green LEDs have the greatest light output, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll appear the brightest. There’s other factors to consider, like the absorption of certain wavelengths of light by your tissue, and the perception of brightness in the human eye. We’ll all have to engage in some more testing, but I would wager that the red xSIID will subjectively appear as bright as the Green.

If I were you, I wouldn’t be so concerned with “brightness”. Pick the color you like. They’re all cool.


My bad, I just read the title and a few of the posts above.
I should have READ the title LED/glowing microchip and further up the thread…at least I gave you the credit for the “Wrong” info :smiley: I’ve killed the link to prevent confusion! :+1:

why no white?
because the colour would show as red/pink through the skin anyway?
or the required voltage is higher to achieve similar results as the red?

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This is such great news. Now, where to put it? I’ve already got an xG3 in one hand and an xEM in the other… Suggestions?

I dunno. You’d have to ask the SIID designers, or Amal. I bet it has to do with voltage though. Small variations in voltage can create huge changes in the amount of current flowing through an LED.

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This totally depends on how you plan to use it, what you plan to get in the future and where your others are placed; then it comes down to your anatomy and where you can physically put it.
You still have plenty of scope, for example you could put the SIID alongside the xEM ( 5mm apart for safety ) but really can’t give you much more help without more Info

Have you had a read of the beginners guide Wiki, specifically the “where can I” and “where should I” put them

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Mine is on the way … the red one! :blush:


If you woudn’t mind…
Video please.


Wow, that is bright! :bulb: :sun_with_face:
Another great product Amal :+1:


Just like the Kool-Aid man used to say…

Oooh, YEAH!!!

That looks great! Now if only they could make transparent NFC readers…


And it has arrived! Implantation in the coming days… The advantage of having a wife that is a nurse! She did already my NExT. :slight_smile:


Mines being installed on Saturday (8th of feb) Can not wait! What colour I’d you get SnarkBe

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The red one! Looking forward to seeing it blink under the skin! :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:


just ordered the blue one!! it’ll be my first implant, so i’m nervous and excited at the same time. hopefully the mail room won’t get suspicious and rip it open, haha.

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