xSIID has been released!

Just had it installed, well 5hrs ago. Its green but can’t read it atm as its swollen. I’m willing to bet that it’s the first install of the siid in the uk :slight_smile: but I’m happy regardless.


that’s awesome!! please post pics once you can get the LED to glow.

Hmm, choosing color is going to be the hardest part for sure.

Could you add the stats to the product matrix on the front page?

What specifically do you want to know???

The following are not currently on the Matrix Matrix
But probably low down on the priority list

Spark 2


Implants but no readability, however COULD?? be added…
xG3 ********* Specs 3mm x 15mm and capabilities N52+ strength
xLED**********Specs 3mm x 15mm and capabilities Super Bright Red White


Vivokey Apex
xM1 Flex
xEM + xM1 :wink:


I mostly just wanted to be able to at a glance compare implants and their capabilities, the xSIID is definitely tempting.

I had planned on getting the NExT and the Spark and maybe a xLED if I could fit it but this and the Apex semi announcement has thrown a wrench into those thoughts.

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I’m curious, are these loaded in a particular orientation? Like as in the LED to the front or the back of the needle?

I was thinking you might want to install it in a particular orientation so that the coil enters the field first, for max usuability? Yeah, it’d probably only effect some edge cases, but I’m still curious.


Fair call…pretty much the whole point of a matrix :+1:

I think everybody is in the same situation. :wrench: If you can afford it, get ALL OF THEM!!! otherwise
@CanuckCold, You already have an original spark, correct? If so,

if you want my opinion

I’ll keep this brief

  • Get a NExT
  • If you have an original Spark, No need to get a Spark 2 if you get an Apex when it is released
  • don’t get xLED “dumb” show piece, ** Do get an xSIID** practical storage “show Piece”

With that load out, you would be pretty fully capable
2K storage
The whole Vivokey ecosystem including more storage

Anyway, that’s just my suggestion


I do not have any implant as of yet which is why I was gonna snag a Spark 2.

Honestly I would grab them all, only thing really concerning is practical spots to implant them.

I was thinking NExt in my left hand between thumb and forefinger, Spark in the same place on the right.

I’m now considering Apex on the back of the wrist and a xSIID where the Spark would have been. Not entirely sure if the Apex would have all the functionality of the Spark though so that’s partially what I am waiting on.

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May be off topic

Something that I will definitely get in the future if it ever gets made would be a NeXT but with dual LEDs

But I’m still thinking about the xSIID as it seems pretty cool while also functioning as a NFC tag.

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It actually doesn’t matter, as the LED and chip both get their power from the same coil. I cant find exactly where this was calculated, but someone did the math on the additional power draw and possible issues due to the LED getting power first, before the chip even boots, and they calculated a negligible loss of power and range.

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This is getting a bit (lot) off topic, here’s a quick reply to hopefully answer your question.

Apologies, I thought I saw you on the Vivokey Forum back before Spark 2 was released…I Presumed :woozy_face:

@CanuckCold rather than @ColdCanuk and apparently @ColdAssCanuk
Some pretty original names there ay? :canada:

Wonder no more, The Vivokey Apex will be a “MORE capable spark”. So everything and more.

Just look up the Vivokey Flex, That is what you are getting but just a little better.
NEW chip, giving better performance and functionality.

You are probably asking “Why get a Spark then”
I asked a similar question, here is Amals reply.

Hope that clarifies things for you.


I guess I didn’t come across as clearly as I meant to. With the coil located in one end of the capsule, the orientation coil first, vs coil last, would put the coil one capsule length closer to the magnetic field.

If (big if), you just barely crossed into an area with enough magnetic coupling (as you moved your hand into the field), it might make a difference whether you needed that extra distance to be close enough.

Albeit a teeny tiny little difference.

If I was a cat, my curiosity would have done me in long long ago.


I got ya :+1: , You made me wonder if they are loaded by hand or machine and, like you say, IF they are placed in specifically or just as they come? :cat2: :gun:

If (big if), you just barely crossed into an area with enough magnetic coupling (as you moved your hand into the field), it might make a difference whether you needed that extra distance to be close enough.

Yeah, it could make a difference, but it is a big if and shouldn’t even come into play if you are placing the chip flat and perpendicular to the antenna generating the field, as the chip should be sitting level under your skin.

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If you installed between the metacarpals (sp?) and reached out to a reader in a fist bump style was what I imagined.

I mean you’re gonna wanna see it glow, right? :green_circle:

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In that alignment it would definitely make a difference. That would be the coolest way to do that. I was thinking about the standard installation in the triangle.

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This is just begging for an RGB LED driven by the chip, programmable with some custom APDU command, either to choose the color, cycle through different colors, or show what the chip is doing (e.g. blue when it’s receiving a carrier, green when it’s been read, red when it’s been written to…)

Of course, it’s not as simple as soldering a LED in parallel :slight_smile:


Check out the NTAG I2C Plus chip. It’s pretty cool. I don’t think it can handle something like that, though. It’s not an MCU.

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Yes… they were all supposed to be loaded so the LED would come out of the needle first… but the ones we did lot testing on were loaded backwards… so the coil came out first… but then we had a customer plan a placement with that information and it appears the LED side came out first… which really annoys me greatly. I’ve already chewed an ear off of someone at our contracted assembly factory… so it appears “most” of them are loaded such that the coil comes out first.



Oh well…What can you do???