Yale Doorman YL 102 Smart Ring

Hello guys!

I am still new to this so please be patient with me!

I just bought the Smart Ring and Proxmark 3 bundle and planning to get a smart lock. I was thinking of Yale Doorman YL102 and it have some tags to use.

The question: can I use my DT Smart ring? if so what is the easiest way to clone these tags?

Thank you very much!

Whilst I cant be 100% certain as I don’t own one myself, I’m pretty sure Yale uses Miface Classic (same as the chip in your magic ring)

I think there were some quirks.

Rosco, who has built some amazing projects and shared them with the community had one that he used, and extended the reader to work with his foot implant.

Wait one, I’ll find it for you…

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Its a different model, but likely the same tech within.

There is a link within that link where he shows himself using his implant xSeries on the lock successfully, so your Ring should work (unless Yale have changed the sorftware or hardware…thanks Samsung)

heres That link

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I also checked the matrix

I shows 3 Yale locks compatiable with Mifare Classic, so i would say it’s looking promising for you.

Heres one of them, (a different model to yours)

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Really really thank you! I didn’t know that there is a matrix for compatibility.
I see the guy did it and even used foot implants to access but all I need is to program my ring and they were discussing the hardware and some topics sounded a piece of cake to them but it’s super new to me :thinking:.

You really helped me a lot, thank you! :+1::+1:

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Yeah, he’s a clever little mother fucker for sure.

There are plenty of people here to help you out