Animal tag info

An animal RFID tag I ordered jut arrived. I got it because I discovered that the pm3 support for animal chips is lacking, read seems to work fine but cloning only works for some fields (admittedly I don’t know why you would want to cone a animal ID tag) and as much as I love my kitties they did not seem like they wanted to help.

I thought since I have one out of the injector and a pm3 I would detail some of the stuff about them in case someone was curios and either has no pet :crying_cat_face: or there animals do not want to help.

If anyone wants me to test/do anything with it hmu.

This is what my PM3 spat out:

[+] FDX-B / ISO 11784/5 Animal Tag ID Found:  Raw : 53 33 71 F2 5A 6F 00 01 
[+] Animal ID          0985-113003908298          
[+] National Code      113003908298 (0x1a4f8eccca)          
[+] Country Code       0985          
[+] Reserved/RFU       0 (0x040)          
[+] Animal Tag         True           
[+] Has extended data  False [0x0]          
[+] CRC-16             0x38C2  [ OK ]           
[+] Valid FDX-B ID found!

This is what it looks like:
Sorry I did not think to get something for scale and now it stuck to card so I do not loose it.

I shall post an update on how I go with upgrading the support for animal tags so that this post conforms to the Project category I put it in. :wink:

Can you change the animal Id?

Read only is not required by the protocol (at least as far as I have seen so far) but I am yet to identify the actual chip used in the implant I got to find its data sheet. I know it is possible to get hold of writable ones so hopefully mine is. PM3 has no support for anything other than reading, simulating and cloning (partially) to a t55xx chip.

Have you thought about a Pet / cat door project?
xEMs in your kittys, :cat:
Utilize 125kHz antenna loop around the Flap door frame, xAC to unlock flap
Just like a Magnet collar, but more Cyborg-y and awesomer :wink
What’s cooler than Cyborg cats?
Except maybe a Cyborg Dog


My kitties are indoors :cat2:

That is a great idea, so great that they actually sell those, also RFID feeding stations, for a pretty penny.

I guess cloning the cards is good for testing them without like shoving your cat it…

Ah, Right you are, I should have looked it up… $80 for a tidy looking unit, No Too badly priced I thought

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Yeah that was ok tbh. The feeder just is so expensive compared to well, a bowl xD

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Do they still use BioCaps(Dunno the actual term) in pet chips? wouldn’t you want one on the xEM for a pet?

Yeah, you would, to stop the migrating.
That would have been a part of the project, but as @leumas95 said, there is already a product available, which I think looks pretty good and it works off the already common pet implants, which I guess is operating on 134kHz

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Pretty good topic. Thanks for all of your answers.