Corrupted RFID implant

As the title suggests I believe my chip is no longer working. I’ve read a few of your projects about fixing corrupted rfid implants and wanted to know if this is at all possible. I got the implant a few weeks ago and all was working. I bought the cloner and only used the read function. I never actually once hit the write button which is what I don’t understand. This is the only thing I can think of that could have messed it up. If there is no way to get this uncorrupted please tell me there is a way to get a new chip.

The first few times I scanned I was prompted with an actual ID.
Then " 2 48 48 48 48 48…ect "
Then " 0 25 "
Now no scanning at all.


Hi John,

Which chip is this, and how do you think it became corrupted? Did you try to use the cloner on it and now it’s not working?


I apologize for not stating the type of chip before. I have the xEMi.

I’ve been trying to debug this anyway that I can. I’ve used it with two different RDM3600 scanners but I can’t imagine that would cause any problems. I’ve been using it for several days and I love your product!

I wouldn’t even say use. I turned on the cloner, held the read button, waited for a beep to see if it read and turned it off. I went to open my RDM3600 rfid lock but with no luck. I got out the cloner once again to see if that could read it but no luck.

I very much enjoy your products any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hmm… the read button? How many times did it beep? The only way I can see it causing a problem is if you hit the write button instead…

At this point, I think you can try reading a known good tag, then try to carefully write to your xEM. Put the very top edge of the cloner right up to the xEM.

This is a shot from the underside… but you can see the top corner of the cloner being pressed into my tissue.

Press the write button. If nothing happens, slightly reposition the cloner and try again. The important part is that when you press the write button, you do so when the cloner is stable and not moving around. Wait at least 2 seconds before trying again.

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