Genital implants

Anyone used magnets or LED implants in genital region?

Yes its out there…


Magnet (Discussion, I guess this one hasn’t been tried yet):

Bonus Butt Implant Shenanigans:


@Rosco had a skin tunnel that was a result of his adult circumcision and he could put an xSeries implant in it ( I think it was an xSIID, but not 100% ) if it wasn’t, I sure he could have slipped one in the tunnel.
It was on his shaft, just below the head :mushroom:
The picture was deleted, because the easily offended were …easily offended and flagged his post.
I remember what it looked like but can’t provide you with a picture i’m afraid ( I would if I could though, because, fuck those whiny little bitches)


I somehow get it when it’s obviously pornographic stuff (and unexpected), but simple pictures from other people’s genitals are just… meh. It’s just a body part. The amount of (pierced or otherwisely modded) dicks I see on the bme site (on mastodon, currently) is insane, and people are just “ah yes, that’s a really nice piercing” :smile:
So if there is a reason (!) to post genitals here, it should be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you have in mind? Magnets could be really interesting (because sensing…), but for normal chips and LED implants as well, you always have to place a reader there… would kinda break the mood for me :wink:
Though a glowy silicone implant… damn, that might be a nice idea!

Iam thinking 4 or 5 blue leds plus a magnet placed in the shaft like a ribbed condom…

Then implant a wireless rechargeable battery or motion generation and NFC transmitter to light them up…

BTW i dont understand the comments re pictures… iam far from shy and happy to post. As iam pierced and tattooed

That’s the hard part…


Good morning, I am almost at 2.5 years with an xSIID installed in the top side of my shaft. One thing I will caution is even after 2.5 years my blinkie still has a lot of wiggle room and play. It can rotate almost 90 degrees to nearly parallel with my shaft. I can easily twist it back to perpendicular with no issue, but it is definitely loose in the space.

Do note I self installed my “blinkie in my winkie”. I’m unsure if that’s a factor of its ability to move, or if it’s the flexibility of the skin in that area.

I would caution placing 2 or more glass implants close by without first checking if they’ll “wiggle” like mine and possibly make contact.



If there any issue with the incredibly elastic skin when in turtleneck mode vs go go gadget mode? In which mode did you do the install?


Nice work… Side of shaft maybe more prone to movement ? Especially personal manipulation times.

Option 2 maybe one stitch to hold in place ?

No, no issues in either mode or swapping modes. I did the install in turtle neck mode. However with the assistance of a water bottle, medical tape, and a bathroom counter, I simulated go go gadget mode to get a better idea of placement.


I taped the head of the shaft to a large round water bottle, rotated the bottle to apply proper tension, and then taped the bottle to the counter. It was certainly a handful process to set up and complete.

I was provided this idea by a tattoo artist a couple years prior when I was inquiring on a tattoo in that same location. I thankfully didn’t get the tattoo.

Imo the side of the shaft may be more prone to try and rotate parallel when going go go gadget mode, but everyone is slightly different in build.

Stitches… The thought pains me, but I’m not sure how useful stitches would be.

There are definitely artists out there experienced with genital implants. I would reach out to them and explain your idea and get feedback from them. They may have better insight on how they get items to stay in place.

Idk if it was mentioned above, but check out Steve Haworth he is/was an artist specializing in silicone implants. He currently has a web store selling the implants including plenty of genital related ones. I have reached out to their store email before inquiring about a custom implant and they responded in a reasonable time if I remember correctly. They may be willing point you in a direction for more info.




He was only showing a bit of helmet and shaft, but the context and focus was the implant.

It (skin tunnel) was quite interesting actually

Maybe I’m weird, but I still want to see @JPlowman uncensored winky blinky install pics, and a healed one blinking.

:eggplant: :blinky_blue:

I’ve never seen one done before, and I’m curious.

unrelated image


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The golden glowing egg plant!?

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The lightning rod ?


Wtf :joy: I missed that one

the original detailled post has gone, but here are some references to the skin tunnel


I don’t have anything genital-related to add, but found it interesting to hear @JPlowman have so much movement of the implant. I have incredibly elastic tissue (hypermobility and looking like a diagnosis of hEDS), and I never thought about how that would affect getting future implants until just now. Of course the shaft is a bit different with it’s active and passive modes, relative to most body parts, but it’s an interesting insight into problems I could have.
I appreciate the discourse here, very informative


The author of this book has really the right name for this conversation! :grin:

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I’m currently working out of town. I believe I have the original video or pictures on a hard drive at home. All I have on my phone are the censored still pictures. I have no problem with sharing them either on the forum here if it is deemed okay (with appropriate tagging and such) or messaging it to those interested for science.

Not going to lie, it’s been 4 days since I read this, and I still can’t shake the thought that I still have a spare xG3 V1 laying around. I don’t want to commit to anything, but it’s certainly an idea floating around in my head.

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What would be the use case? xG3 have a limited range of sensitivity or must be subjected to strong magnetic fields to vibrate.