Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Titan is in

Was really annoying…

here a dog for scale…


I might be wrong, but I think that’s the first titan self-install?

Regardless, congrats, and good luck on your healing and overall outcome.

haha idk^

video is rendering^

sadly it stopped recording just when i started unwrapping the titan.

after unwrapping the titan i noticed that the pocket is not wide enaugh, so after the vid ends there is 15 min more struggle widening the pocket…

im not recomending this shit to anybody

but i would do it again lol


Did you use the numbing gel? I’ve heard it doesn’t even work that well on fingers.

I injected some Lidocaine in the Base of the Finger to act as a “Nerve Blocker”

But i must have done it wrong^

it was hurting really bad.

but i could feel where i am with the blade inside the pocket, that helped me a lot!


i used this tapers to create the pocket.

sadly they were not bug enaugh so i had to cut the last bits :confused:



A few of us did :hammer_and_wrench: DIY


Could have sworn that Eyeux said that he had help from someone for his 🤦guess that shows how bad my memory is

And I must have missed yours, or forgot about it! Congrats!


How long would you say the install took?

Here’s mine first NExT!

Another one arrived just yesterday!


Welcome! I just got my NExT installed a week ago! I’m waiting on the Apex Flex to get more installed though! That thing is going to be awesome!

That was my DF2.
I taught my Neighbour how to get the needle in, then did the rest myself. :sweat_smile:

The Titan I did myself. Twice. XD

And soon I’ll do it again, just need to find a placement. =P

That reminds me I need to try and find the videos from that!!

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images (86)

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~35 min


sadly my phone camera is shattered, so the pictures are always kind of blurred.

what do you say about the wound?

does it look alright?

It dont look too bad to be fair to you. By which I mean pretty good.

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3 in 1 in 2 hours! A Walletmor in blades edge, flexM1 in the forearm and Titan in -L0. My moral is don’t replace an x series with a flex without some healing first.


Knife edge self-installs always seem really tough to me, good job!

Especially with the thickness of the xG3 needles, I’m sure the pain was a bit rough.

How’d you tent the skin, with it so thick in that spot?

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Nah, I cheated and used the numbing gel so it didn’t hurt much.

I used some locking forceps to tent the skin. It was still pretty hard to get a good tent without grabbing the meat below the skin.

knife edge:

the old orange flexDF - numbing gel doesn’t work - it was ok - I must say I have a very high pain level.

right: xLED - the needle was really ok - was like always: Thats it :slight_smile:

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