RFID in motorcycle immobilisers

Does anyone know what tech is used in motorcycle keys for immobilisers?

Probably the same that’s used for car immobilizers? From my understanding, most are rather proprietary.

Probably not RFID, then?

It depends.

Some keys have transponders so some form of RFID. Others (older styles) contain resistors the resistance is measured when the key is inserted and if it doesn’t match the known value the key doesn’t work.

Common automotive transponders are 125khz and employ some crap form of challenge response. One of the most popular types is from Texas Instruments and employs a 40-bit challenge response mechanism. It’s not enough to actually secure it, but it is enough to frustrate the idea oh cloning it to a common implantable chip type like the t5577


Am meisten ID 46 Chip oder ID 13 Chip mit 100- 150khz

Thanks for your answers. I’ll ditch the idea of cloning my key.

Thats not to say there aren’t other options to achieve what you want.



Yep. My car key uses the id48 chip, and while it might technically be possible to clone to a t55xx, it’s not realistic. I’ve been working on cloning that chip for a while now, but haven’t gotten super far. One thing that one could try us to buy a id48 emulator chip, but I haven’t found any source for those at a good price.

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On a motorcycle it might be possible to use the m-Lock … reads the xEM / NExT in EM mode.

The other question is - are you sure your key has a transponder in it? So many bikes tend to have hotwire protection built in to the lock cylinder as a sort of hidden resistance on the line that the ECU looks for… and if you short / hotwire, it’s missing and that disables the engine start. That’s what my 'busa had in it… but it has been a while… perhaps bikes are catching up to cars and putting transponders in keys now?


Pretty much, yes. It’s a 2021 Ducati Scrambler, and it has a canbus IMU:

It might of course be smoke and mirrors, but my previous bike, a Hornet from 2010, had the famous Honda HISS system, definitly with a chip. That’s 11 years ago.


Thanks for the links. It is the immobilizer part that is troublesome for me. I know I can purchace a so called Rexxer unit to reprogram the on board computer to not consider the IMU, but that costs an arm. What is the unit you posted a picture about? Don’t find it mentioned in any of the links.

That is a transponder bypass.
Basically it does exactly what it says on the tin.
you put your key (or chip) in that, and when it is powered the ignition “sees” the transponder, and will allow the vehicle to start.

An example of a way we might use it is, install that in parallel with something like an xEM Access Controller V2

Let me know if you need further explanation…

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Wow, that’s amazing! Never heard of such a product. That will probably solve my issue. Thanks a bunch!

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Well, it will depend

It’s not going to help if this is your setup

But if its just the transponder, then you should be onto a winner

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Thanks, I’m aware. I am however 99% sure it’s a transponder.