S20+ NFC Compatability

I recently purchased the VivoKey Spark 2. Is it compatible with the Samsung S20+ 5G?

I’m pretty confident yes but I dont see it in this list specifically.

So it definatly has NFC, and my samsung (s10 5g) is great for tags most other samsungs I’ve tried are pretty good so I’d say there is a very good chance.

I’ll try it out on my Mom’s new A715GUW tomorrow and let you know. Very similar device

I have the S20+ works fine with the Spark 2. I log in into the wordpress admin.

For me the S8+ worked much better.

Mine works on my s20 ultra as well

Tried my NExT with the Samsung A715GUW. Got about 1.5cm read range!


I have a normal s20 now and it sucks for xseries. It works, but not good. Without the cover it’s okay-ish, but not really easy to use.

They must have tweaked something for the S21 because mine works great for xSeries.

Bizarrely the best performance is my Spark original ISO15693.

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S20+ is really bad :frowning: I switched back to my S8+. I use the S20+ only for only banking - nothing more. It sucks :frowning: So difficult to read the xseries. The S8+ has a much better NFC Reader.