Show off USING your implant! 🎥

Covid vaccine passport ( to trigger people lol)


That’s great. I’ve been trying to compress an image of my vaccine card enough to fit it on my flexDF in a vCard. Haven’t gotten it worked out yet. Ends up potato quality:


Opening door with dangerous kit with NExT

Paying in coffee vending machine with my NExT

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All family docs in html Page for my vivokey app profile.
And covid pass when I have it. Very easy to do and very effective

That’s really interesting use case with the tv. How you made it works?


Apple Shortcuts Application on iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.5 Dev

I can provide a step by step later but I’m at work so here’s this!


Can you load an html web page onto an implant, or do you need to host it and the person needs internet access to view?

Need internet.
I put the web in my personal NAS (at home)
The URL is in my vivokey app profile. It’s only for me. All pdf are inside NAS, I need internet for read or Dowload

Guys… lol
This was supposed to be a gallery thread
Just post a video and what it is


But it’s interesting how it works as well. Just my perspective


Does this lock can be opened with the xSIID by default or did you change something to the lock?

I want to try this too. How did you make it work with the spark 2??

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Nice idea but I’d be worried about the security implications

Managed to clone a first generation Oyster card to my XM1


Dorm building at my college
(oldfashioned HID reader)


ok i know its not as cool as some of yours but i use my NExT as my ubuntu logon (i have a parser script running to autofil the rest of my password when the injection of my UID is detected so its not a 10 bit password)


Nice, like the idea of autofilling the remainder of your password.

Don’t want to derail the thread (sorry Eriequiet :sweat_smile: ), but I wanted to ask what reader that is. I can’t quite make out the logo. It looks decently compact. I’d potentially have a few good use cases for one about that size…

Me either and me too

That looks like a cheap “RFID” USB Reader from Aliexpress etc.

Choose your freq. LF or HF

Also with an OTG you can likely use it with your phone

Picture if you don’t want to follow the link

Link incase you were excited by the picture

On track


pilgrim was spot on its a cheap LF keyboard wedge here’s the exact one I got because I cab waiting for a years worth of postage from ali express

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