The NTAG I2C Test Card is now available

The NTAG I2C Test Card is a break-out board for the NTAG I2C chip with NFC antenna and power indicator LED built in. This card is great for people who want to experiment with the NTAG I2C chip and all its capabilities, including NFC field energy harvesting and I2C bus communication over NFC!


are you shitting me…

We posted at the exact same time
get out of my head Amal… how did you kn…ohhhh the implants


Guess that Titan backer coupon will get used a lot sooner than I was expecting.


I’ve got some of these. They’re very cool.

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Was just as bright when powered by my phone, I just couldn’t take the picture then. It turns out this chip is an excellent LED driver because it’s self current-limiting at about 15mA. That means if you put more than 3 of the same LED in parallel you don’t really need resistors and you can’t overdrive/overheat them because they all self distribute the current among themselves. It doesn’t matter that the VOUT voltage (3.1V) exceeds the forward voltage of the LEDs (2V) because of the current ceiling. More than this many LEDs and it starts to noticeably dim.