The Purewrist Saga

This can be moved to the Purewrist thread if need be but it’ll be kinda long and yeah just thought I’d tell my story :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
So it begins with purchasing my Purewrist card of course which in and of itself was rough. It traveled from New York, to San Francisco, back to New York, back to San Fran and then finally after a week and a half total travel time it arrived.
I quickly tested it and sent it off to Amal for conversion with no issues.
After it was converted and mailed when leaving Kent, WA it seemingly disappeared never to be seen again :sweat_smile:
in comes the always speedy @mdanger with the amazing customer service giving me update emails on her trace of the package when my local post office basically told me to fuck off. Sadly nothing was found and I canceled the card and contacted purewrist support. DT offered a free replacement even though it getting lost was in no way their fault?!? Even told me I could send the new card directly to them and they’d give me the cards number to expedite the process :open_mouth: (again with the 10/10 customer service.)
So I hear nothing from Purewrist support for 3 days when suddenly they’ve started shipping it to DT at my request and thankfully it makes it there with no issues.
Had a but of trouble getting the new card activated because for those unknowing the Purewrist UI is honestly pretty bad. But the new conversion is made and sent my way.
Brief moment of panic when I got the same message on the tracking as when it got lost the first time. Nothing on the tracking until suddenly its out for delivery (:raised_hands:t2:). And now here I am with my fresh Purewrist install working like a charm scaring cashiers just as I thought haha.
All of this to say, Dangerous Things goes above and beyond for the customer and I couldn’t be more happy. (Install video soon to follow)


I know this comment will reveal the depths of my ignorance, but if these PureWrist products can exist, what is making implantable payment solutions so hard to achieve? I figured the biggest issue was convincing financial service corps to let third party entities create payment devices that work on/in their ecosystem, but this proves otherwise.

Would love some help understanding what the actual issue is.

EDIT: After just a tiny bit of research instead of expecting others to do it for me (I told you ignorance would be detected :laughing:), I see it’s not actually connected to the financial institution, it’s just something you preload with money.

Which still makes me think, couldn’t we do this with implants?

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Here is my take

The PureWrist is made as a convenient “wearable”, that anybody can wear, and when you use it, people have a fair idea of what is happening, people are happy, birds sing, and unicorns graze in a meadow :unicorn: …all is right with the world :earth_asia: ; now imagine if you will, there are demons in the corner :imp: , that want to put the same thing under their skin, to achieve the same result.

Now, try REALLY hard to imagine that there are fanatical people that truly believe that you have the mark of Satan, and allowing this to happen is one step closer to armageddon :vault_boy_colossal_problem: ; and this group are very vocal and influential in a large market where financial giants live.

Now imagine if these financial giants allow for this debauchery to happen, they would be publically pilloried and chastised, causing loss of revenue through bad publicity :money_with_wings: , and these giant corporations, are soooo greedy and such little bitches, they allow those aforementioned fanatical fucktards to influence their decisions.


The End!

Thanks for reading along with Pilgrimsmaster’s story time


It’s like you were actually there.

I think that you are right. There is the possibility that the Apex ring will be able to be used for payment. But @amal would be contractually unable to convert those to implants, and the practically identical implants would not be able to be used for payments.

This is a non technical decision being made by the payment card processing companies. Currently all of the payment implants I am aware of (WalletMor for example) are conversions of externally provided payment cards.


Only thing I don’t like about these payment implants is that they’re dependent on a third party service, and if that service stops working, implant becomes a brick. If a standard was put in place for payment chips where you could just connect it up to your bank/credit union, I would get one in a heartbeat.

I think that’s sort of a misunderstanding about how the payment card industry works. Any card goes through like 5 different service providers… any time you use it you’re basically telling 5+ huge companies how much you spent, where, and when… if any one of those service providers stops working, your payment card won’t work.


I get that, but with a card if it stops working I can just go to my credit union and pay $5 and they just print me a new card. With an implant it’s a much bigger deal, if walletmor goes out of business I have to remove the implant, get a new one from another company if that’s even an option, get it installed, and hope they have better luck. I just don’t want an implant that could stop working any day due to circumstances completely outside my control.

Actually not in the case of Walletmor either. The companies that would impact that at this stage would be iCard and Mastercard. Once deployed those companies and the banks and processors are the ones who fulfill the daily use case.

Okay that’s a bit better, I think I was confusing it with what I read about purewrist. It’d still be cool to see in the future a more open standard for wireless payment devices.

It’s about the same with purewrist afaik. With the walletmor compared to purewrist, replace iCard with purewrist. Not sure if it’s mastercard or visa though

to add towhat Amal said,
From my point of view, I got a payment conversion about 1 year ago, and it has been amazing, so conveniant and works flawlessly.
My bank decided they were no longer going to support “Pay Tag” now my implant has a 3 year expiry, I have 2 years to go, I am not even bothered as there is no point regretting something that is out of my control, I am just looking forward to 2 more years of use.
When it comes time to remove it, a simple slice and pull out then swap out.

No regrets whatsoever.

I already have 3 other potential options lined up to replace it

Anybody considering a conversion / Purewrist / Walletmor just do it

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Remember Walletmor are now 8 years expiry

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Glad to hear it! I’m just not super comfortable getting an implant with that kind of limited lifespan. Super cool to hear the success stories with the payment conversions though! I love how fast these technologies are evolving.

sigh Walletmor Canada when??? (( I know, I know… Soon™ ))


I found an article about canadian purewrist style products
DC Tags or Visa Paywave seem to be good keywords, but I didn’t find them.

EDIT: ok their website is dead, but maybe a similar product exists?


The transit system in the metro Vancouver area uses an RFID system, including option of card, wristband, and keyfob formats. Been thinking of getting one converted if/when we have to start commuting downtown again. But I haven’t seen any reliable info on a payment system


I will add, that while NOT DT’s fault,

My use cases for pure wrist is limited thanks to my areas massive prevalence of veriphone readers

Which thanks to @Satur9 eigging we know that the antennas in veriphone readers suck hardcore

If your area is largely comprised of those readers maybe give it some thought

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Is this going to be true of the Apex Flex?

Mine too if I’m being honest :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but a good enough amount of places I buy things have decent readers that I figured I could join the fight to convince Mastercunt/Visass to allow the implants.
But I have gotten 1 successful read on a Veriphone reader thanks to @Satur9 and it’s teardown showing where the antenna is.

I’m not sure where the veriphone issues are coming from, I have gotten my next to read almost consistently on these… It reads invalid card but it does read… Maybe actual payment chips need more power or something? Or are you referring to a different veriphone model?

I am personally referring to the MX 915

While the one your video shows appears to be the MX 925 (not pictured because I’m lazy lol)

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