What cards work for conversion to microcard implant?

I was interested in getting the microcard conversion however I’m unsure as to what cards work. I was told that there was a post here about it however I can’t seem to find it. Also do UK cards work and also do debit cards work instead of credit cards?

Check the product page … known card types are listed there;

Also, as the UK is technically part of the EEU, Walletmor MAYBE an option

use the search function for more Walletmor results


igh sorry. didn’t realise that.

no worries :slight_smile:

Looks like the ambassadorship option doesn’t work. the link doesn’t exist so I guess its no longer an option

Launching jan 1 :slight_smile:

Sorry, I should have mentioned, It has not quite yet launched…
Watch this space The ambassadorship will be available for purchase in:
Days: 3 Hours: 04 Minutes: 12

Walletmor Ambassadorship is available only for the citizens and permanent residents of European Economic Area.

thank again

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Also. The UK technically isn’t part of the EEA anymore and its agreements remain until 31 December this year. So… what does that mean for me and ambassadorship?

Unsure at this time… @wojtek may be able to shed more light on the UK.


United Kingdom
Non-EU/non-EFTA state which transitionally forms part of the EEA[2]

As you leave the EU, Walletmor is launched
Take from that as you will. :man_shrugging:

But seriously though, like Amal said above ask @wojtek

and how would I go about asking @wojtek?

Amal, myself and now you just @ him, if he has notification set from the forum he will be …notified
or you can email him at wojtek@walletmor.com

tel:+48 515 358 186

I’ll wait for a bit, see if he replies

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sure, I am here to help :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be possible to become Walletmor Ambassador if you are from the UK. After January 1 we should make a statement: *Walletmor Ambassadorship is available only for the citizens and permanent residents of European Economic Area + UK + Switzerland.

I am not sure how deep you are in the legal negotiations that are going to be finalized in a couple of days probably, but to keep the story short, there are no plans within the EU (no sense in my opinion) to change the KYC-related directive and treat UK-citizens differently than they used to be treated by the EU-based financial institutions.


Thanks for bringing some clarity to that!

It’s been (un)surprisingly difficult to get definitive statements about what happens after 31/12/20 from most organisations recently, for obvious reasons!

No problem!

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any uncertainty!

I assume this blank screen I got when ordering means its been received? the link does read “order-received” but the fact its just a white screen is concerning…