Where to get info to become “official” installer

My girlfriend has been doing piercings for 2 years and I recently introduced her into bio hacking. I mentioned how when I was looking for someone to help implant a chip for me, the map on here had nobody near Chicago and she is very interested in filling this void. I remember reading that piercers new to bio hacking can get more information somewhere here but idk where to find it. Can someone please point me in the direction so I can give it to her ?

Thank you in advance !!!

Here’s some info on how to become a DT install partner as well as a link to an install guide.

Edit: I wish I had a GF who’s a piercer, would save money on my future installs XD

Edit2: Also just found this that has some good install info

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Thank you! I just sent an email!
And I know lmao, I’ve been stalling on getting my first implant because it would be almost impossible to find a place to install it for me and not charge a lot if they were even willing to. Now im just waiting for another sale on the xSIID so she can do it for me. XD

Edit: thank you for the new info! I’ll relay back to her !

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Lol gotcha!
FYI, there’s a possible meet up of cyborgs in Chicago soon.

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