Would right ring fingertip be a good spot for a Titan?

I just got my titan and want to get it in the right ring fingertip, more along the side, not the gripping surface. My primary reason for it is sensing magnetic fields. Ideally, I want it to be barely visible if at all after it’s healed up, but still have sensing capabilities. I don’t know if my finger is big enough, and I also rock climb, so I don’t know if that’ll cause trouble. If my ring finger isn’t good, where else could I get it that’ll be good for sensing?

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I don’t have one, so I can’t give you personal experience, but these threads might give you some ideas and hopefully answer your questions at the same time

i have it in my right ringfinger. My only sport is swimming.
I got the magnet implanted in november.

Various other people mentioned climbing in other threads,…

I am afraid I can’t remember exactly which people.


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I have mine in my right ring finger as you proposed and my fingers are not that big. It is a little visible, there is a bump there, but not if you aren’t looking for it.
As for climbing, I don’t usually climb but I tried a climbing gym once very late in the healing of the titan and it seemed fine. Then again I didn’t do anything extreme and I am not a regular climber so I just tried some of the very straightforward beginner routes…