Xdf2, third implant

I’m once, twice, three times a cyborg. I just put in my third implant in the r0 position. The reader I got with the access kit was already able to read it. It went in easily enough, but for those who haven’t done an xdf2 it’s a 3mm implant and the needle is intimidating.


Yes it is! And thick needles are harder to get under the skin. But it’s worth it IMHO.

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I’d love to hear what people are doing with the 8kb on those things.

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Usually vcard data that includes a small photo :slight_smile:


They definitely have the ability to be more than just an NDEF /Vcard storage.

I think it just comes down to knowing how to use the tech or convincing others to incorporate it onto the chip for you.

But for example, in theory, you should be able to go to your public transport provider and get their key/Applet put on your implant, then go to your electric bike/scooter hire company and get their key/Applet put on also and so on, until you run out of space or suppliers.

I think the possibilities are marred by both the understanding of the user’s and 3rd party suppliers of the technology.

The Tech is capable
Implementation is not as easy as it could be.

I have a FlexDF2 and a bunch of DF2 cards that I am trying to get my head around for a project.

I have come to the realisation, that the biggest factor is the social engineering.
Which is one thing when you are bringing your own card, but try bringing an implant.

I am still confident in my project, but it’s slow moving and I’m still trying to get my ducks lined up
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It might be worth checking out the MIsmartApp :man_shrugging:

I don’t see using the DF2 as a simple larger storage / NDEF implant as a bad thing, and it may suit some people perfectly.

By the way, to fully utilise the storage capacity of DESFire implants,
Rosco made some fucken awesome resources worth checking out.

All that said, and so that my post is a COMPLETE derail…

Hey @ssinoly
what are you planning on using your xDF2 for?


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How would that work out with the card master key? Would everyone have (temporary) access to the master key or could they deploy their apps without.

I recently started playing around with DF2 cards as well.
My goal would be to have part of it as NDEF, containing more or less just a link to a vcard.
And use the remaining space to store other data, like passwords, keys etc, as an “application file”, secured with the matching application key as an “easier to remember” password.
And maybe 3rd party apps for work access if they play along

I see your questions and I reply with links

Also this

No real plans yet, but I love knowing I have built in data storage for whenever I find something so important I want it with me at all times.

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