xG3 V1 Installation Locations

So, I’m new to biohacking and I don’t have any implants yet, and while I know where I’d want to install the RF implants on my hands, I’m trying to figure out if any of the locations I’m thinking of for a magnet would be feasible.

For background, I’m a pretty active person and I go rock climbing and perform on aerial silks and pole so a fingertip install wouldn’t work for me. I’m thinking of putting it on the side of the middle joint of one of my fingers. Does anyone know if there would be any issues in any of these locations I marked in the picture?

I’m wanting it to be pretty much just a sensing magnet, as I don’t really care about the lifting capability at all. I just can’t have it anywhere on the tips of my fingers, and it would need to be on the side somewhere. The three places I marked are the ones I could see working best as the skin is very sensitive there, and over the last two weeks of paying attention to where anything touches my hands, those spots see the least contact.

I’m also thinking of getting one installed right near my ear so I’d be able to “hear” magnetic fields and frequencies. If anyone with any experience in that could give me some guidance, I’d appreciate that as well. Although that may be a better spot for a Titan due to its stronger magnet.

Thanks in advance for any advice you folks can offer!

This wont work, sorry.

Also I would recommend a titan for finger installations :slight_smile:

here are some good references, including some comments about placement.
(I don’t have any magnets so I can’t help directly with questions, just links that may be of use)

This is not quite what you are after. but again, maybe something of use in here


Rich Lee does this and it works. I can even put my finger in my ear and hear music via a coil.

I haven’t talked to rich in years but I assume they are still in his ears working.

Like everything, there’s no binary answer. It works with caveats and it doesn’t work except for certain caveats.

Basically it doesn’t work if you think you’re going to be able to just randomly hear things while walking around. The only way that’s going to work is by placing your entire head right next to things that would normally let you feel the field… So, putting your head right up next to the microwave. Yeah you’re going to hear something, but you’ll probably hear the hum of the microwave through normal ear canal channels over anything you might hear from the magnet.

Of course you can totally hear things with a magnet implanted near your ear if you also place a high field strength magnetic coil around your neck… something that is designed to impart audio signals to a magnet which normally sits freely in the ear canal.

@Satur9 has extensive experience here. Maybe I’ll wait for him to chime in.

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The reason I wasn’t thinking of going with a Titan was due to it being a larger lump, and with the location of it on the fingers, I’d probably run into issues. If I was going with a Titan, I probably would put that closer to the tip of a finger as well.