Dangerous Things xLED Implantable Field Detector KSEC

Yes opens back syringe is still packed I looked put it all back n in box yes Im getting it done the correct way just very unsure as not sure what way to have it are if it will work with my phone so on

Can you confirm if you have Low Frequency or High Frequency?

Low Frequency won’t work with your phone…

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High frequency

Oh, good, KSEC obviously have stock, as DT are out of HF ones.

Yes your phone should work, but I highly recommend you wait to test it AFTER you install it

What phone make and model do you have?

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Huawei p smart z 2019

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We have a thread with KNOWN compatiable NFC capable phones, antenna locations etc

Your specific phone one isn’t on the list, but if it is NFC capable, it will likely work

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Yeah, you can’t scan through the needle. What I did when I got my xSIID was: 1) Use the field detector that came with the implant to find the best spot to scan on my phone. Each phone has a different antenna shape and placement so finding the right spot and orientation is crucial. 2) Get it implanted and test it before I left the piercing studio. My thought was if it didn’t work we could just squeeze it out. That said, the amount of DT implants just not working is EXCEEDINGLY small. Like almost non-existent.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, after that initial scan in the studio, the implant site will swell and you won’t be able to get a good scan for a couple of weeks. Don’t panic, this is totally normal.



It looks like the NFC antenna is near the top of your phone, to the side of the Camera

The red circles are the screws that hold it in place, so at least if you werent aware before, now you know where to test your xFD

@The13Beast gave some great advice above :arrow_double_up:

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This is worth repeating,


I do have NFC also daughter has latest iPhone so should be OK

OK sorry for all questions

Getting it put in hand is there a way that’s better to have it installed ie facing up thumb to finger and direction that works better also have you got this installed.

I’ve heard this so don’t try scan when it’s fresh installed.

Oh brilliant thankyou so much for the help

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No you can scan it all you want, but it’s highly likely that for a week or 2 the light will be masked by swelling or sub-dermal blood

But when it’s “fresh” fresh, like before you leave the shop… there’s a good chance it will be visible before you start swelling or bleeding… mine was only JUST visible for a second

In the case of my Xsiid, I was able to scan it within a day or 2 but I couldn’t see it light up for about 2 weeks, 3-4 for it to be “bright”

Just checking, you are aware then the xLED doesn’t have a chip in it right? It’s just a light?

This is going to depend on how you want it places. Think of the implant as a a capsule with the LED at one end. The LED comes out of the needle first, so if you want the glowy closer to your fingers, start towards the wrist. If you want it closer to your wrist, start by the fingers.


I would suggest, Whatever the installer is comfortable with

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Just my phone nfc

Yes just the light I wanna try this if its a success then I’ll look at bigger implants

Ok that’s fine,
The x series are all more or less the same size though, just so you’re aware


The problem with this approach is that the xLED has no chip and the LED itself could be obscured by blood from the installation… so your milage may vary. Be aware that xSIID and xLED implants may not be visible for up to 3 weeks after installation because of pooled blood and other swelling factors.


Tested with my NFC on phone it flashes on off not a steady beam of light also I have to hold phone direct on it meaning once implanted you Wouldent see it surley