NExT Chip not working

I got my NExT installed in the usual spot between forefinger and thumb three weeks ago. Since then I have not been able to read it with my phone (using tagwriter and NFC Tools) or with the ProxMark3. I haven’t had any swelling that I could tell except for the first day.

The swelling can be hard to notice, but definitely has a big affect on coupling with the implants

Make sure you check out

For tips on where to read the chip on your specific phone

Also make sure to play around with the xFD’s that came with the implant to learn placement

Also also, you can try the lf tune and hf tune commands on the PM3 to further refine the reading location

Also also also, just a quick warning, do be careful if you try to write to the LF side of the implant before being sure of coupling, it is possible to brick it.

Also^4, welcome to the community!

tl;dr: keep waiting and keep trying :classic_smile:


on your proxmark do hf 14a reader -@ this will continuously poll for iso14443A UIDs (like the one in your NExT)

use the bottom of the proxmark on the edge furthest away from the red ring low frequency antenna as your probe, you should be holding the proxmark perpendicular to the implant so it intersects like a +, once you’re getting consistent UID output from this command do hf 14a info & hf mfu info to get the full run down on your ntag216.

as for low frequency, the T5577 in the NExT comes pre-programmed as an em410x ID, we can do a similar command lf em 410x reader -@ same deal, continuous scan mode, this time using the red circular LF antenna as your probe you’ll want to again try and intersect the antenna with the implant to make a weird bent cross -)- shape. once you’re getting consistent outputs from that command, lf t55 detect