NFC installation information on your phone

hello I bought the kit, but I can not connect it to my phone, you could tell me how I should do it. in the kit I have a magnetic card but I don’t know how to connect the microchip to the phone thanks

Which kit?
Can you please provide a link or photo?

I bought this kit, I’m grafted I don’t know how to do it. I mean, if I have to implant it first in order to activate the NFC. Because inside a card that says I have to put it behind the phone but when I do nothing happens. Can you explain to me why he does this? or the process from the beginning to be able to locate it. Please, Thank you

You cannot interact with the implant before it’s installed because the metal of the needle blocks the signal.


You have an xNT
The x means x Series ( a small biosafe glass implant)
It is High Frequency 13.56MHz

Your phone is likely capable of using NFC (near field communication)
This also uses 13.55MHz.
, check out this list to see if your phone is on there,

if it is, then you may get some good information, if not then “google” your phone make and model + NFC antenna

Once your xNT is installed
(You may need to wait a week or so to be able to effectively read and write to your xNT)

There are a few options but Tag Writer ( & Tag Info ) by NXP are quite popular for reading / writing as they are the manufacturers of the chips in the implants.
Play store Tag Writer

You will need to make sure phone NFC is turned on
And your screen is unlocked
Possibly remove your phone cover.
You want to try and read you implant perpendicular to your phone antenna coil.

You will then be able to write some data to your phone like these

I would also recommend you have a look at the product matrix and see if you can find any use case scenarios.
for work or home access, If not, you can still use them for a variety of things.

Scan your work and school cards with TagInfo by NXP

If the result says ISO14333A, then POSSIBLY you may be able to enroll your xNT into the system, but we can discuss that after you have scanned your cards

Good luck, I hope this helps


thank you in advance for the help you’re giving me

before carrying out all these steps, should the implant be planted under the skin of the hand ?

No problem, that’s what this community is for.


Until it is under your skin (out of the syringe) you won’t be able to read or write to it.

Just remember, due to the trauma of the needle, you will likely experience some localized swelling that will affect the reading and writing to the chip.
If you wait 1-2 weeks after you implant, you should have no issues at all.

Ok. the process would be, put the plant, after waiting a few days , I have to activate the system through the card that is wihtin to the kit, and phone app right ?.

or do I need an external device?

Hmmm, not really.
The chip in its current state is ready to go, it is just the metal of the syringe :syringe: that is stopping you from using it.
Once you have implanted it, you can in theory use it straight away, but once there is swelling, just be prepared that you may struggle to read and write until tat swelling goes down.

The Card that is in the kit, are you referring to this?

If so, this is just a super useful card for testing access systems.
You don’t need this to use you xNT implant.

Only your phone


I would reccomend you download TagWriter and get yourself familiar with it

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Hi how are you? i then i managedto put the micro chip, I tried to scan and I get this !

Uploading: Screenshot_20210410-203758_Postepay.jpg…

I’m trying to upload the image. however, a page with yellow borders with written text comes along, verify that the captured data is correct: document number -date of birth - expiration date of the document

what am I supposed to do now?

Hey, sorry, I missed what app you are are using.
Could you please post a link?

no, I’m not using any app, I just turned on NFC of my phone, and I approached it to my microchip and i get this

Once you have downloaded it.
Make a dataset of your choosing

Then when you scan it with your phone,
If you chose contact details you phone will ask if you want to add to contacts, if you put in a YouTube link your phone will ask if you want to open with YouTube, if you put in a url, your phone will ask which browser (or go to the url if you already have a default browser set) etc.

Anyway, give that a try, and let us know how it goes

I can’t make it work. I mean, if I want to see geolocation, it doesn’t show me. How should I do that?
sorry but i’m new and so many things still don’t know her

True Geolocation would require a device that actually knows where it is. I don’t think that GPS devices are implantable yet.

You can set a location in the chip using that app but it won’t change once it is written to the chip.