The official Titan batch #2 campaign thread

I backed mine one of the last days of the campaign! Im super excited ive always wanted a magnet implant! Even when I was a kid I was into magic tricks and always thought a magnetic implant had so much potential. I cant wait honestly!


Have you checked out this thread?


Very interesting thread thank you so much! I didnt know about that thread! Im new here to the forum thank you for sharing with me!

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A new EU law is going into effect July 1st which concerns all imported goods. The law itself is a nasty one that will force us, a US based company, to either 1) get an EU VAT tax number and begin assessing VAT tax on all products shipped into the EU, or 2) Enable our logistics company (DHL most likely) to collect and remit this tax as part of their delivery service. We are inclined at this point to explore option 2.

The important aspect of this law is that it will affect all shipments regardless of parcel value. This is VAT tax, it is not import duty. Duty is still something that could affect your product import as well. In short, all EU customers will soon be paying VAT tax on every single imported product… and not just from us, but from anywhere outside the EU.

As this new legal challenge looms, we are already seeing delivery times begin to elongate for EU shipments for normal orders. Imports that normally took 2-3 days are now taking 3-5 days, and it will only get worse until the law goes into effect, at which time we think shipments will stop passing through customs entirely while seemingly unsuspecting customers are challenged to pay VAT on their imported goods. Inevitably this will result in a lot of unclaimed parcels and utter chaos at EU ports.

In order to smooth things for Titan batch 2 customers in the EU, we are diving into our RMA stock to begin shipping Titans to international customers within that economic zone well in advance of the law taking effect. Batch 2 manufacturing is wrapping up now and we do expect to receive those units from the finishers soon™, and from this batch we will replenish our RMA stock and fulfill the rest of the orders for batch 2.

Of course, if anyone in the EU wants to order anything before this law goes into affect, you should attempt to get that order placed within the next 7 days or so. As stated earlier, shipments are already backing up in customs and any parcel stuck in customs processing could get stuck in the queue such that by the time it is processed it will be subject to the new VAT tax law… so plan accordingly.





What does RMA mean?

It stands for return merchandise authorization. In this case, Amal has a stock of spare titans from the first batch. That way, if any buyers from the first campaign had any issues at all in the coming years (loss of magnetism, cracked casing/broken titan, lost in shipping, or any other issue), they could be replaced as part of the lifetime warranty. Since it was potentially a one-off product, it was important to have spares for those cases.

Since batch #2 is being made, I’d assume it’s much less risky now to dip into the batch 1 RMA stock, since it’ll be replenished with batch 2.


Sweet, That’s awesome.

How damaging is impact to the titan or finger magnets in general?
I’m talking about the magnet losing strength due to repeated impact, not an encasement failure.

I can imagine many of the coated finger magnets will break down slowly after repeated impact considering the encapsulation already doesn’t last all that long just from the body breaking it down. As for titan I’m sure the loss would be much less since the coating is stronger by a very large margin

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I think by “breakdown” they mean loss of field strength due to impact. That’s a thing for magnets… literally jiggles the molecular alignment from uniform to random.

Once inside your body these types of field altering impacts should be irrelevant because your tissue does a good job of buffering those types of impacts.


K good to hear, thx. Yes that was what I meant.


I was finally able to source some strong magnets from an old hard drive and I’ve been playing around with them on my NExT. Man I can’t wait to get my Titan installed. I love stuff that I can fidget with. I still get entertainment out of just scanning my NExT. :laughing:



Those hard drive magnets are insane! I’ve got cluster of them all stuck together.

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Hard drive magnets are interesting because they’re essentially two magnets in a single form factor. pair it with the mu metal and you get a very strong magnetic field on only one side. The plus side of this is the actuator requires less power to move the head and there is almost no flux leakage at the platters.

Gotta be careful with that
(Credit goes to @Satur9 for doing the experiment)


I feel like we are at that point where these will be shipped out to us any day now and the anticipation is killing me!


(I have no information, but I couldn’t resist)

The Titans are on their way to us now, and we will update everyone as soon as we receive them and begin testing.


What about the people in the EU?