Implant not receiving

Hey Everyone,

Could somebody please give me some advice, had my implant in on Friday but for some reason l can’t scan it on a phone or with my x field detector can need help please?

Kind regards

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Welcome. It can take a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down enough for you to be able to easily scan your implant. Field detectors are used with readers so that you can determine the best way to orient your implant to get a scan. What did you get installed?


Thanks so much, not got a lot of swelling at all, had a Blue xSIID so thought the light would come on, so sorry bit of a tech idiot here?

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it could still be site trauma and all that blood and fascia stitching itself back together preventing you from seeing anything substantial. try again in a dark room.

do you know where the NFC antenna on your phone is? make sure you do and give it a go reading with nfctools and nxp taginfo


It doesn’t take much swelling–as in most people can’t even notice it’s there–to make a difference. What kind of phone are you using? Can you get the field detector to light using your phone?


give it Time to heal , Just as the other guys have said above. :point_up:

You need to let it heal, we generally say 2 weeks before you should be getting reliable reads, and it will only improve from there (up to a point)

Being able to see the light will.likely take a little longer.


this is where you can use your xFD to locate your phones antenna and see the duty cycle.


You want to:
have NFC turned on
phone unlocked
get perpendicular placement of your implant and antenna forming a +

When moving, move slowly.

Once you learn the placement it will be very easy to show off your blink



Thank you so much


Thank you bud


Using an 14 plus, can’t see the light at all

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Just had this come up on my NFC tool reader so l think it has scanned ok & l’ve loaded my business card, am l right, so sorry but of a tech idiot here?


the chip itself is functioning fine, and yes you have put your link on correctly, the light should be visible soon enough and get brighter over time until it’s fully completely healed and settled.

good news is chip isn’t dead


Thanks so much

I’m surprised it came up as a mifaire ultralight that should have been NTAG I²C Plus 2K

Don’t be surprised if you dont get consistent reads for the next 2 weeks.

What was the placement?
P1 - P4?

i2c can show up as mful on ios as it’s the same architecture

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Also, Most people who get the blink, want to show off the Blink

So feel free to share yours in the thread above :point_up: …and here :point_down:

What may help / interest you, is @Az_F’s app.

It does many things, like allowing you to keeping a record of your implants, but it also has a “Power Scan” which will help to light up your little Blue Blinky Boy

Link :point_down:


If you get yourself a Bio-Magnet, like the TiTAN or xG3, there is some cool stuff you can do with the Lodestone add-on

Good to know thanks, That makes more sense, because TagInfo is pretty good at Chip ID.


NFC. Tools doesn’t look too hard at the tags… taginfo actually issues the GET_VERSION command to figure out exactly what tag type it’s talking to.