Vivokey spark 2 not scanning

No, Legic are generally not clonable to anything because the target chips don’t exist really.

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Ok so it has been a week since installation most of the inflammation is gone and the vivokey app or anything else still can’t recognize my chip. Should I start worrying?

Real answer

Weird but no, give it another week before you worry.


Thanks for the answer and the laugh!:joy:


Ok so it’s been 2 weeks since I installed it and all the inflammation is gone yet it isn’t scanning with anything still

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I assume amal will want that one back and he will likely send you a new one.

I say go to the store and use the help button

How do I get it removed?

Ask the installer or talk to your doctor.
To be honest I’d still wait a bit more and try more powerful readers before I get cut again.


better drop a @Luis9370 (I replied to @yeka rather than you oops)

So far, all we have done is wait for the inflammation to subside.
it would be rare, unusual, unlikely for an implant to fail right out of the box.

Let’s get to work on some fault finding to get this bitch sorted for you.

Who did the install? ( self, helper, professional)

What position is it in?

Did you confirm it is inside you? (can you feel it, or a small neodymium magnet should “stick” to it)

Could it be deeper than it should and possibly in a muscle? (was the pain similar to a bee sting/ giving blood, or was it more painful than that)

What readers have you tried so far?

  • Proxmark
    hf tune (looking for the lowest voltage reading)
    hf search
  • What phone model do you have?

have you identified where the NFC antenna is?
use your xFD to establish the best location, position and the duty cycle


remember to move slowly, you want to catch the duty cycle at its strongest reading pulse.

Are you trying to read the Spark perpendicular to the antenna?
It will likely be somewhere similar to this


Often times a swiping motion on a reader will be more successful than just presenting your implant (cutting perpendicular through the antenna) like this…moving slowly


That should give you a good starting point, if you can answer those questions, we should be able to help you find an answer before you need to cut the Spark out

FYI, if it was installed correctly, removing an xSeries implant is a pretty simple thing to do, I’m doing my own shortly just to move its position.
I/we can provide more info if it comes to that

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It was installed in the location recommended is. In-between the thumb and index. I can feel it through the skin but it feels a little bit deeper than the one on my other hand. I have a Galaxy note 10+ and I know the antenna is toward the middle of the back of the phone. As for what I’ve tried reading it with is my proxmark 3 my phone and the board thing that came with it. Nothing is picking it up regardless of how I present it

That’s a field detector card, not a reader. And it’s supposed to detect readers, not implants.

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Do you mean the Diagnostic Card
or the KBR1 reader?
FYI the card won’t work.
I see @enginerd beat me to it above.

But the KBR1, again try your xFD to locate the antenna OR open it up (four screws under the feet) and use the antenna directly over the Spark

so have you tried your xFD to confirm the duty cycle.
I know from all of my Samsungs I have had the Duty cycle pulses a few weak pulses, then a single strong pulse, this is the one you want to catch. Make sure you leave your phone antenna perpendicular over the antenna for at least the time of a full cycle before moving it. (even the smallest movements will make a difference)

I’m talking about the board thingy that connects to the computer and can type out the info on the chip. The one that can be use to relay info like your passport to your computer


Mate, I am providing you with the links, if you follow them we can all speak the same language, it will be easier for all of us

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Yes that one! Like i said i have tried pretty much everything to include a friend’s phone all to no avail

Let’s try the stuff you haven’t…

Have you tried opening up the KBR1 reader and using the antenna directly over the Spark.

Do you have access to any building HF access systems?
It doesn’t have to be enrolled, but if it’s HF there is a reasonable chance you should get a light or berp from the reader when you swipe it.

Have you tried hf tune on the Proxmark?
What was the starting voltage and what did you get down to?