Trouble getting a read from my first implant

Hi all.
First I’m new to this and exciting world, so it might be an ovious questing, but I got my first implant, the NExT chip, and I can not read the chip from my phone.
I got it installed just a bit over 48 houres ago from writing this, and I thought that I just had to waite a bit for the swelling to go down, but still no luck.
I know it’s in there, I can get a beep out of the KBR1.
I have moved my phone arround a lot in an attempt to get a reading, but still no luck.
So I guess my real question is, can it be put too deep in the hand, so no phone will be able to read it?

I hope you lovely people in here can help a new guy with this.

If the KBR1 beeps, it’s getting a read and it should spew out the UID in whatever application you have open on your computer. Does it do that?

As for your phone, depending on your model, it might be one of those phones which are a bit weak on the NFC front. Or you might not hit the chip just right (location and angle). Or a combination of those factors and the swelling. But the fact that the KBR1 beeps is excellent news.

I’d say wait until the swelling subsides, and/or try with another phone. Also, I suggest buying an ACR122U reader: it’s kind of the gold standard for implantable NFC chip readers, it’s cheap, and you’re bound to need one at one point or another. If anything will read your chip, the ACR122U will.

Oh and yeah, welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.
Atm. I do not have any applications on my PC that will read the tag, still looking for one, so I do not know if it sends a UID yet. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears.

I will calm my nerves and give my hand some more time to recover, before starting ot freak out XD

Open a text editor, scan your chip with the KBR1.
The KBR1 is basically just a keyboard that types out the id, no special software needed.

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Right, ofc.
Sometimes I forget the obvious.
It gets a read.

Then, as Rosco said, you’re fine.

I’ve read about cases where it took weeks, don’t worry :slight_smile:
You did try it without a phone case?

Yes I did try it without a case on.

Okay, good to hear that. I will set my “freak out” clock to October then XD


What flavour phone do you have?

Check out this thread, there may be so little tips or tricks for your specific phone on there.

At the moment, I think it is likely just due to swelling.
But a couple more things you can try
Do you have any LF things you can test with?
Did you get xAC with your order?

Otherwise Grab your HF xFD that came with your order (the non implantable glass tag with 13.56MHz written on the card.)

Make sure your phone is:
No cover
NFC turned on
Then, SLOWLY move your xFD around on the back of your phone (top edge on iPhone) to find the “sweet spot” LOCATION and ORIENTATION

Replicate this with your NExT

Good luck

here is the ACR122U Rosco suggested


An image of what you are trying to do on a reader (as shown) but is the same principle for a phone NFC antenna

let us know how you go, we will be able to get you up and running.

Probably just swelling though. We cant help you with that though, unless you go and grab a ledt handed screwdriver or a long weight…

I know it’s obvious, but worked in front line support long enough to know no question is stupid. So I’ll say it:

Is NFC on? :slight_smile:

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I got it to scan with another phone,so I’m pretty sure its just swelling and maybe not the best NFC phone I have. I have a Motorola One Zoom.

I will try the thing with the tags, to fint the sweet spot on my phone, and just give it some time to heal.
And you I do have NFC turned on :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your support.


Great stuff :+1:

Don’t be too insulted with our questions you would be surprised how often somebody overlooks the “obvious”


I’m not insulted in the slightest, I’m compleatly new and I WILL overlook the obvious stuff XD
So I’m just glad that you guys have the patienceto help me out.


We were all there once. Can’t count the number of people who have helped me along.