My VivoKey Spark 2 implant experience

WELL, the NFC antenna is anyway

I have a Spark ( Original ), and it reads super easy on my S21


It’s worth mentioning that there’s a thread listing the NFC performance of different phones:


Thank you.

So, as far as my status, I just left the ER because they left me in the waiting room for too long. So I’m still chipped. But my vitals were all fine, and my hand isn’t in any pain at all. I’m thinking about leaving it in, maybe it would work in more time? Maybe my body’s still adjusting to it or something? I guess it might be worth it to wait a while.

If I’m correct, the USB ACR122U Reader/Writer is able to read the Spark 2, right? Is it more powerful than the KBR1? And when will the ACR122U be back in stock?


Maybe, but it’s important to remember position and orientation trump power usually

My proxmark can take 30 tries to get my chips in just the right position if I’m cloning something


really the only chance would be to try to get it closer to the surface using a large magnet taped to your hand for long periods of time… then maybe the spark might “grow through” the tissue layers and come up to the surface in a meaningful way.

Yes the ACR122U is somewhat more powerful than the KBR1, but they are out of stock because the official ACR122U from ACS is no longer made. You might have to hit up Amazon if you want one now.


Interesting about the magnet idea… I might have to try that…
Thank you for the information…
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I bought a 25 mm neodymium magnet, don’t think it’s strong enough.
I’m still not getting a reading and it’s been one month and 2 days.
I’m still probably going to just try to get it out.

Probably for the best

Just FYI
I have a 25mm neodymium magnet but actually this 5mm neodymium cube works better

here’s a better example of @Eriequiet



Interesting. I just got a Galaxy A32, and haven’t been able to get a reading on that, either. I have a Nord N200 coming and will try that too.
I am wondering if there are any settings on the phone that I might be able to tweak to get a more powerful detection. By turning something off, or on, maybe?
Just hoping my implant will “grow” to a better location so I might be able to get reads. :partying_face:

Which implant are you trying to read?

How long have you had it?

Have you been able to get a read from any other readers/phones?

Have you checked the duty cycle and antenna location with your Diagnostic Card and xFD?

Not a setting, but removing phone cover might help, but not very practical.

There is also a home brew option you could try

or when the it becomes a product, grab one of those

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