Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

As the title suggests, We have a Google Sheets Spreadsheet compiled by, and for the DT (and Vivokey) Forum members.
It is a comprehensive, yet not an exhaustive list of products and the DT / Vivokey products they are compatible with.


It is a living document, as we continue to add to and update as we go, Therefore, if you see an error, omission, please post a reply in this thread below.

The more information you provide the easier it will make it for the person adding or rectifying the info.
Where possible:-
For additions
try to provide, a link to the suggested product, an image, the implant(s) it is compatible with, your experience with or a link to a thread in the forum
For corrections / compatibility updates
The spreadsheet info, what needs changing?

Happy Spreadsheeting :wink: :page_facing_up:

Access control etc. :arrow_down:

Payment terminals for Walletmor and Payment Conversion :arrow_down:


This is great. I didn’t know you had this until a few days ago.

Only thing I would suggest adding, though It could get tedious I admit, is adding a note section for each lock. Nothing extensive. Just a few lines for noteworthy things regarding the locks or accompanying kit.

For example, like I mentioned in another thread, the programming card for my lock is a MiFare Classic 1k that seems to be clonable, as in I’ve not tested it yet.

This is especially good in case you loose the card as they are about 35 euro to replace.

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Great suggestion, but sort of have that covered. I have just added a “guide” above,

So with the one you suggested the other day, the “Forum link” comes back to your suggestion, so people can read at their leisure.

I do like the idea though!

Same reason I removed the implant images, it was getting to cluttered, So now the words just link to the DT store

That is probably a better idea than my comment option, small problem is, I found, A note doesn’t hyperlink but a comment does, However I could copy and paste the Relevant thread to the note so people don’t have to follow the link, but then they only get the single post rather than the whole thread which can further help with context…
On top of that, I cant add a note into a cell that has a comment and vise versa.

What do you think?

Scrolling through the the spreadsheet I could feel it slowly loading up and thought to myself “This’ll only get slower as new stuff gets added”

So I opened up Excel and re-learned some formulas for multiple sheets on a workbook.
Fast forward about an hour or so later, I hate you VLOOKUP, I finally figured some of it out and decided to upload and test it…

It’s juts google sheets is really slow… fml :unamused: :unamused:

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Misszhang-US 125KHz Proximity Sensor ID Card - Tested successfully with an xEM - Used in the following project

Electronic Cabinet Lock Kit Set - Tested unsuccessfully with an xEM

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I have shrunkified some of the images, I will go back through and check the others, hopefully that will help

Thanks for taking the time to help out :+1:

exactly what I was after, thanks, I will add those in.
Also cheers for the reader
(The same as the one @anon3825968 posted about the other day, but is not yet on the spreadsheet)

If I download a copy and send it to you, would you be able to update and replace it? It looks like I could use Excel, and I am pretty decent with that making stuff like this.

I feel pretty sure I know how to do this. Finding what needs to be linked is another story. If @Pilgrimsmaster is up for helping with finishing the final touches on what I think I can do, I will give re making this a shot.

Worst case is it stays the same.

To go further, I was thinking of two pages, one has a chart similar to this, and the other has a drop down that you can just put your chip in, and it spits out compatible locks.


Some great Ideas I’ll DM you and @amal

CES Omega Flex tested successfully with xM1

Samsung Ezon SHS-2920 tested successfully with xM1 (note if chip is formatted as NDEF it will not work!)

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Updated, Thanks!


Sorry to be a doubting Thomas but I’d like independent confirmation on this… it hurts my brain as to why that would be.

On further testing it appears that it is the keys that nfctools writes that throw it off.

This tag works fine:

This one doesn’t:

I mean I may be wrong but there’s something funny going on here.
I wrote an NDEF record to a tag and it wouldn’t register it.
A new one works fine and can be registered, once registered ndef can be written with nfctools PC
The android app however fails to write after it has been registered.
If I write to the tag with the android app before i register it, it doesn’t get picked up by the lock.

I can provide further screenshots if needed.

If there’s any way that I can get the second one back to default factory keys? that would be really handy.

Just a guess and something for you to try…

Just tried that and get this

Sorry mate, just throwing out what I would try, I’m sure Amal would know a sneaky back door or two :wink:

Next, I would try the same, with 1024 bytes…failing that the 888 bytes…failing that, NFC Tools (Pro), failing that Google ( Or your search engine of choice) would become my friend, failing that :man_shrugging:

good luck, If you find the answer, please let us know, that could be a handy dandy bit of info…Infact, I just had a thought, researching…

Do you have a ProxMark3?

Yeah if this is a standard mifare 1k chip (not a magic chip like the xM1) then you’ll have to crack the keys… proxmark3?

Still, the keys shouldn’t be used by the door lock… unless they have old code in there that was a relic of an attempt to use keys to corner the lock to working only with samsung keyed fobs… and then it was left unfinished… that’s totally likely actually… relic code fucking with the keys.

A proxmark3 can listen in on these conversations… I’ll have to see if my demo locks do anything like querying sectors to get key values.

Thanks anyway @Pilgrimsmaster

I have a proxmark3 and the keys for the tag.
It is a standard 1k chip yes

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Mifare classic magic cards work on this. Enrolled some original cards, clones and coppies of originals.

How about implants? have you had a chance to test?