My Custom Payment Conversion Experience 💳

Micro Bank Card Payment Conversion Service :credit_card:

Payment implant :atm:

Everybody wants one, I actually have one , here is my journey :walking_man:

Along with everybody else, I am eagerly and patiently waiting for the Apex Line to be officially launched.

The Apex line will be a powerful device that will be capable of many functions, including payment. However, currently, we don’t know when or where, globally :world_map: this will be restricted to upon its release; therefore, I have been actively looking for an interim solution for an implanted payment option while I wait for that specific payment function to make its way “Down Under” to little ol’ NZ.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the “standard” Micro Bank Card
What I do have, however, is a PayTag ~ 60% the size of a standard credit card. Obviously still too large for an implant.
This card does not have an expiry date, it is “attached” to another card, that I can chop and change between accounts / cards
I wondered :thinking: if it would be feasible to remove the chip and add it to a Flex style antenna & implant…

“The Layers”

Adversaries: Sticker backing, Adhesive, “Silver paint”

Weapons: Fingers, Cotton Bud, Acetone
image image

Layer 1

Easily defeated

Layer 2 :

image image
Took some rubbing but , finally exposed the wings


Oh well, now I know what NOT to do!



:boom: Boom, Soak in Acetone, and peel off layers as they begin to lift, took a couple of hours total, but only 10 mins work. Easily removed

The Viable chip - Sorta…


Im ready to show Amal my handy work :+1:

Now, I am Paraphrasing here

Me: Hey Amal, I have a chip here , blah blah blah, details, blah blah blah, can I send it to you for conversion?

Amal: Sure thing, but first, what sort of chip is it?

Me: {using Taginfo} Infineon chip

Amal: Hmmm, I don’t have any data on their chip capacitances, so really the antenna inductance would need to be measured to be sure I had a matching antenna… which is unlikely. I have antennas made for all the common chip capacitances, but Infineon plays by their own rules.

Me: (In my head, “Fuck”, “I guess I am ordering ANOTHER replacement card”, I should have asked Amal first)

Amal: I might be able to hand-wind an antenna though, but it would be a bit circle and definitely not a flex design… big scalpel work to put it in… thoughts?

Me: (in my head…Yeah-Nah :new_zealand: :speaking_head: )

Me: I would be keen for a flex, not so much the disc. (if disc needed, instead I will wait for Apex payment to Arrive in NZ

About this time COVID 19 Hit :microbe:


But THEN my replacement card also arrived



When I was finally allowed out of the house :evergreen_tree:

Off to the Post Office I went :european_post_office:

In a small envelope. The post office staff member felt the envelope and asked if it was a payment card, I said no It was only an ID card… They saidm either way, it had to be registered mail @ USD$35… or if it is official paper documents, @ USD$12

for a tiny envelope!!! " image "

I said “no thank you, BUT on an unrelated matter, could I please have a stamp for USD $2 ?”
:snail: :email:

:postbox: :us:

Amal: ok… I have some actually amazing news. I had rock bottom expectations here but it turns out this chip is 70pF capacitance which means I can make a flex style small wedge, needle installable implant from this… super easy.


Amal: At the end of the day the performance isn’t great… it’s actually kinda terrible… but it’s as close as I can get to the inductance of the original antenna with the stock antennas I have.

image + image + ( image x 0.5 )
Thanks NZ Post for delivering to the wrong address ( Well correct address, incorrect suburb ) :man_shrugging:



I believe EFTPOS Terminals are the most common contactless payment terminals in NZ and OZ, The terminals sit idle until the transaction is due, only then the RFID is ON and “looking” for payment to be made.
It would be pointless to show you all a video of the xFD NOT illuminating, but here is a terminal waiting for payment and showing the antenna “sweet spots” on the perimeter the screen, and nothing in the middle; so far this seems to be a common layout, at least on the ones I have tested.

I took about 5 videos, but my videography was pretty crap :video_camera: :poop: trying to get a good angle, this is the best view to show it…about 10-15mm; Not the greatest range, But that is what AMAL expected for this specific Infineon Chip.

@ The Piercing Studio

The first one I approached, she had never done a subdermal implant but “would give it a crack”, unfortunately, they don’t do scalpel work for my FlexMT ( But that will be another story )

Autoclaved Custom FlexNeedle

The Install

I have shifted the host from Dropbox to Google Drive, to unlisted YouTube link. Should be good to go now!


The piercer’s first time doing a subdermal implant, She was a just little nervous before she started professional during and excited afterward.
As you can see in the video, she struggled to get the needle in :syringe: , but she got there in the end.

Using the new implant

Worked pretty well, I expect the range to improve slightly when the swelling and fluid dissipates.




HEALING: 1 Butterfly and a Tegaderm over the top
RANGE: ~5-10mm


tenor (28)


The ACTUAL very next day after I got the message from Amal that the Flex was ready to ship, My bank contacted me to tell me that the PayTag will no longer be supported in 3 years time, So this is obviously disappointing, but it still buys me 3 years for Apex Payment or the next payment technology option to emerge ( I actually have access to another bank that has similar cards but they have a 5 year validity, Which I initially chose not to use because the no expiry was clearly better than 5 years… clearly not )




tenor (31)
DT’s Conversion service was awesome, super professional and quality work ( No surprises )
@amal and @mdanger THANKS AGAIN

Piercer, great placement, It took about 24 hours to “heal”, looking good and getting better every day


Wooo! Congrats!

This is such an awesome thread. Thanks for sharing!

I’m still wondering if I can figure out something like this… and the more success I see the more I want to try. Still a little freaked out by the thought of the flex install, but would be worth it for a payment enabled chip I think.

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Thanks, I’m stoked you liked it. I hope it helps, if I missed anything, feel free to ask.

Really not TOO dissimilar from an xSeries install.

  • Needle makes hole,
  • pushed to depth
  • implant inserted

This Flex obviously took a bit longer to make the hole, but I think some needle lube :syringe: :droplet: would help the piercer penetrate me a little more easily :wink: next time (DT MAY look at providing some lube with the custom needles in the future.)
Other than taking a bit longer, it felt the same, the Custom Needle did an amazing job and the cavity it created was PERFECT, she slipped it (the Flex) in so easily and quickly, I didn’t even feel it :wink:
Because of the size of the hole, I just needed the butterfly strip to aid the haemostasis.

If you are considering the custom payment service, don’t let the the process be the sticking point.

Sorry about the double entendres, When you are talking lube, penetrating and slipping it in, There is no point fighting it, its going to happen, you might as well embrace it :wink:

Yes it is!

Any more questions, ask away.


Right so,

sorry folks
I will shift it from Dropbox, and try Google drive…And fuck you Google drive…YouTube unlisted link it is!

This was such a fucking cool read! Thanks for taking the time to document it so well. I’m so keen for this tech, ahhhhh :heart:


That was a great read and I appreciate all the effort it took.
There have been a lot of times when I thought: Hey, that was so awesome, i should contribute by giving away my thanks (let it be comments, posts, articels…whatever), but since I rarely comment in the end, taking the burden to actually create an account was too much in any other case. This time I’ve just done it.
Have fun with your implant! Really cool and practical idea.


Thanks very much for the feedback, and welcome officially to the community

Just use the heart :heart:
Nice and easy.
Personally I try to remember to use it for

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    and sometimes if I just agree with somebodys post.
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I wish we had something like this in the United States

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Hey me too.

We almost did. He was coming to Vegas after all.

Oh, you meant the pay thing.


@pilgrimsmaster how does your hand look & feel now? + read range?

I was replying on discord where you asked, I lost my reply when I took the photo :man_shrugging:

Anyway thanks for checking in, funnily enough I was going to do an update, but I ended up giving it a real good whack whilst I was working on something, It ended up swelling with a bit of fluid build up, it was looking much better before that than it is now.
Still works, and I am getting a typical read range of about 10mm, but it really depends on the reader, some more - some less.
I have used it a few times since smacking it, still works reliably with the extra fluid buildup

I’ll definitely update this thread when I finally let it heal properly.

I hit it on Friday afternoon (I should have taken a photo then), it is now Tuesday morning for me, This is what it looks like currently


I love it, when people react very positive, when you are paying with your hand. Its intresting - having a payment implant - this is OK - but if you say: RFID Chips implanted some people look at you shocked :scream_cat:


Even though it’s basically the same technology. But this reaction mostly comes from religious fanatics that don’t understand RFID and probably use it themselves almost daily.


True :slight_smile: I write them that they shoud put their ID Cards, Passports, bankcards,… into the waste bin - they have all RFID…

A shop assistent in a book / newspaper store was very surprised and reacted very positive, she asked me severals questions.

Cab’T wait when I can travel to other countrys

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Not to mention most stores use RF sensors at the entrance and exits to prevent theft, so shop online? Except online stores use RFID to track their products. RF is old and litterally everywhere at this point, can’t avoid it.

at the technical museum in Vienna, they have also some information about the Histroy of RFID and also information about the RFID conypiracys. In an other part of the museum, they showed the xNT and at a other location they have a station with different access systems, also RFID - nice to play around. I visit the museum with Thomas, we played it around - touch the reader with our hands - it flashes red. A child was watching us - he tried it also wiht his hand - nothing happend :smiley:


That’s serious avertisement for DT.

Do they have a life-size statue of Amal?


Thats cool I wonder if Amal knows

@anon3825968 beat me to it :arrow_double_up:

They bought it from Digiwell.

On my site there is a picture from the Museum.

I must upload the other RFID stuff

If I’m not mistaken, that there is the X-ray of Amal’s hand:

I wonder if they paid royalties :slight_smile: